Our onsite distillery produces exotic handcrafted gins using local botanicals. We use modern gin production techniques and different types of botanicals to make a product with the highest quality possible. Being the only gin distillery on the Great Ocean Road, our Apollo Bay Gin is a wonderful addition to our small local town.

Our gins are also linked to the ships that sailed off this treacherous coast many years ago and serve as a strong reminder of Apollo Bay’s nautical history.


apollo bay distillery dry gin

SS Casino Dry Gin

This is a well-balanced dry style gin, Using locally sourced and organic ingredients. A great mouth feel, full of earthy complexities reflecting our magnificent rainforest experience. ABV: 42%

Predominant Botanicals: Juniper, Cinnamon Myrtle
Secondary Botanicals:
Saltbush, Fennel
Paired tonic: Fever Tree Elderflower / Mediterranean
Garnish: Cucumber

apollo bay distillery grapefruit gin

Speculant Grapefruit Gin

This stunning Grapefruit Gin is delicate, fruity and warm and retains a predominate juniper flavour with a bitter grapefruit finish. Preservative free, the Ruby grapefruit and Hibiscus lend the gin its gorgeous floral bouquet. This gin is delicious as a light and refreshing spritzer. ABV: 42%

Predominant Botanicals: Juniper, Grapefruit
Secondary Botanicals: Wormwood, Hibiscus
Paired tonic: Fever Tree Mediterranean / Grape Fruit
Garnish: Grapefruit

apollo bay ocean gin

Ocean Gin

This is an aromatic gin with a refreshing mouthfeel. Using local saltbush, wild rosemary and a variety of native myrtles vapour distilled with organic lemon peel. This gin will evoke memories of the ocean and seaside. ABV: 42%

BRONZE Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022

Predominant Botanicals: Juniper, Saltbush, Rosemary and Lemon
Secondary Botanicals: Ginger, Calamus and Coriander
Paired tonic: Fever Tree Light
Garnish: Lemon

apollo bay distillery navy gin

Captain Chapman’s Navy Strength Gin

This is a very complex gin, refined and smooth, further enhanced by the viscosity of sesame. The heat from the Szechuan Pepper is balanced with Ginger. The final hint of Bay leaves you with a stunning experience from first sip to a lingering warmth. ABV: 57%

Predominant Botanicals: Juniper, Szechuan Pepper
Secondary Botanicals: Ginger, Sesame, Bay
Paired tonic: Fever Tree Mediterranean
Garnish: Orange, Star Anise

apollo bay distillery amphitrite gin

Amphitrite Gin

This is a full-bodied rich gin liqueur, using locally sourced and organic ingredients. It is a journey from aniseed through lemongrass to a delightful burnt caramel finish that is best enjoyed neat over ice. Also drinks superbly sweeter gin and tonic. ABV: 25%

Predominant Botanicals: Juniper, Elderflower, Aniseed
Secondary Botanicals: Native Lemongrass
Garnish: Ice