Our Apollo Bay Distillery has been featured in one of the episodes of “What’s Up Down Under”.

We had Macca from What’s Up Down Under visiting our distillery and having a chat co-founder Janine about all things gin, and how the distillery has survived Covid and is now growing strong.

“What’s Up Down Under” is an Australian travel and lifestyle television program that showcases various destinations, attractions, and experiences across Australia. The show is primarily focused on caravanning, camping, and outdoor adventures, catering to the interests of RV (recreational vehicle) enthusiasts and travelers.

The program features a team of hosts who explore different regions, share travel tips, interview locals, and participate in various outdoor activities. They provide insights into the unique landscapes, wildlife, culture, and attractions of each location they visit. The show aims to inspire viewers to explore the beauty of Australia and encourage outdoor adventures.

“What’s Up Down Under” also covers topics related to caravanning and camping, such as reviewing RVs and camping gear, providing practical advice on towing and maintenance, and sharing tips for road trips and traveling with a caravan or camper trailer. The program often collaborates with industry partners and sponsors to showcase their products or services.

The show has gained popularity among camping and caravanning enthusiasts, as well as individuals interested in exploring different regions of Australia. It provides a blend of entertainment and practical information for those who enjoy outdoor travel and adventure.